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The Azerbaijanis: People, Culture and History




Edited by Nicholas Awde and Fred James Hill

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This handbook is an introduction to the Azerbaijanis or Azeri Turks and their culture and history. Today they live principally in the Republic of Azerbaijan and Iran, along with significant groups in Turkey, Europe and Russia.

History sections place the development of the Azeri people and their culture within the context of the Caucasus/Caspian region's intricate and frequently turbulent past. This also provides the background for the complex subject of religion in the region, from Zoroastrianism and ancient Christianity to Islam and modern secularism. Insights into the impact of the oil industry and modern politics help to explain the historical reasons for the present ethnic conflict within Azerbaijan.

Overviews of folklore, customs and crafts give insights into the traditional cycle of Azeri life. These are complemented by sections on language and literature, including the Golden Age of the great poets Fizuli and Nizami (writer of the epics 'Khosrow and Shirin', 'Leyla and Majnun' and the 'Iskandar-nameh') as well as writers of the modern era and the growth of the media. Other areas covered include architecture, art, music and film.

Illustrated with maps throughout, this sourcebook also contains a list of Azeri proverbs, a chronology of events and a bibliography for further reading.

– 256 pages with 63 B&W illustrations and maps

Published Bennett & Bloom, October 2009





Map of Azerbaijan Today

1. Khans, Tsars and Commissars: The Making of the Republic of Azerbaijan – Nicholas Awde & Fred James Hill

2. History Mirrored in Words: Language Policy in Azerbaijan – Çigdem Balõm-Harding

3. The Birth of the Independent Azeri Media – Famil Ismailov

4. Heritage of the Epics: A Brief Overview of Literature – Çigdem Balõm-Harding

5. Spirit of the Ashugs: Art, Music, Theatre and Film – Phil Gibby & Zulfugar Rufatoglu

6. Sacred Flames: A History of Religion in Azerbaijan – Nicholas Awde & Fred James Hill

7. Cycles of Life: Traditional Culture – Zulfugar Rufatoglu

8. Politics and Revolution in Iranian Azerbaijan – Nicholas Awde & Fred James Hill

9. From Ancient Times to the Safavid Era: A Regional History of Azerbaijan – by Nicholas Awde & Fred James Hill

Further Reading
    Azeri Proverbs
    Chronology of Azerbaijan and Neighbouring Regions
    Select Bibliography Index

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