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The Iraqis




Edited by Nicholas Awde & Laurence Chabert

Paperback ISBN 9781898948551 £16.99
ISBN 9781898948353 45.00
Coming 2014
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This essential introduction to the Iraqis and their traditions presents a unique schematic overview of the past, present and future of the mosaic of the different peoples and religions that make up the present-day country of Iraq as well as the extensive Iraqi community in exile. The perfect sourcebook for anyone interested in the Iraqi and their nation, sections include a historical introduction with an overview of Iraqis worldwide today, customs and traditions, language and religion. Dedicated chapters present an overview of the larger peoples: the Shi'ite and Sunni Arabs, the Kurds, the Assyrians and other Christian minorities, and the Marsh Arabs. Rounding this off are maps of historical locations of peoples and Iraq's changing borders, plus suggestions for further reading and a chronology of historical events.

– 224 pages with 40 illustrations & maps


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