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Historic maps of Armenia

Historic Maps of Armenia: The Cartographic Heritage (Abridged and Revised)

Rouben Galichian

With this abridged and revised new edition of his critically acclaimed large-format study, Rouben Galichian shows the continuous geographical presence of Armenia via a number of historically important maps... read more

Paperback ISBN 9781908755209   £19.99
Published 2014 by Bennett & Bloom



Azerbaijan and Aran (Caucasian Albania)

Enayatollah Reza, edited by Ara Ghazarians

Today few are aware that this part of the Turkish-speaking Caucasus in the past had a name other than Azerbaijan. Naming this region of the Caucasus 'Azerbaijan' led to the view that Azerbaijan is a country divided into two ... read more

Paperback ISBN 9781908755186    £20.00
Published 2014 by Bennett & Bloom


English Arabic Phrasebook

English-Arabic Dictionary of Idioms
Maroun G. Akiki

If you are a student, journalist, broadcaster, author or a reader, this is the perfect dictionary for anyone using English and Arabic. It offers a wealth of... read more

Paperback ISBN 9781898948223    £44.00
Hardback ISBN 9781898948230    £75.00
Published January 2013 by Bennett & Bloom


rule of law


From the Laws of Rulers to the Rule of Law: Inquiries into the Crossbreeds of Civilization
Erik Cornell

Erik Cornell provides a compelling comparative account of the rise of law, democracy, and human rights across the world... read more

Paperback ISBN 9781898948988    £18.99
Published January 2013 by Bennett & Bloom


clash of histories

Clash of Histories in the South Caucasus: Redrawing the map of Azerbaijan, Armenia and Iran
Rouben Galichian

Rewriting history and redrawing boundaries are ancient political strategies for shaping national identity, nation-building and establishing territorial claims. Ethnicity...
read more

Hardback ISBN 9781908755018    £29.99
Published October 2012 by Bennett & Bloom


Pre-History Armenia Vol 4

The Pre-History of the Armenians, Volume 4: The Homonymous Root Words of the Proto-Armenian Hieroglyphic Inscriptions of Anatolia
Gabriel Soultanian

Volume 4 continues Gabriel Soultanian’s epic series on the language and origins of the hieroglyphic script of the Proto-Armenians and its inscriptions. Part I is...
read more

Paperback ISBN 9781908755056    £18.99
Hardback ISBN 9781908755063   £45.00
Published January 2013 by Bennett and Bloom


history armenians

The History of the Armenians and Moses Khorenatsi
Gabriel Soultanian

Moses Khorenatsi, also known as Moses of Chorene, is among the most problematic historians of early times. Known as the Father of Armenian
read more

Paperback ISBN 9781898948131    £16 .99
Hardback ISBN 9781898948896   £45.00
Published February 2012 by Bennett & Bloom



Rustaveli's 'The Man in the Panther Skin' and European Literature
Elguja Khintibidze

As the creator of 'The Man in the Panther Skin' ('Vepkhistqaosani'), the pinnacle of medieval Georgian poetry, the poet Shota Rustaveli (who lived at the turn of the 12th-13th centuries) is one of the greatest exponents of Georgian culture. This in-depth study uses connected...
read more

Paperback ISBN 9781898948087   14.95
Hardback ISBN 9781898948094   45.00
Published 2011 by Bennett and Bloom



Circassian Culture and Folklore: Hospitality, Traditions, Cuisine, Festivals and Music (Kabardian, Cherkess, Adigean, Shapsugh and Diaspora)
Compiled & edited by Amjad Jaimoukha

This is the first book in English to describe in detail the rich culture and traditions of the Circassians - comprising the Karbardians, Cherkess, Adigeans and Shapsugh...
read more

Paperback ISBN 9781898948407   24.95
Hardback ISBN 9781898948414   45.00
Published November 2010 by Bennett and Bloom



Georgian Monks on Mount Athos: Two Eleventh-Century Lives of the Hegoumenoi of Iviron
Translation, notes & introduction by Tamara Grdzelidze

This is the first English translation of the Georgian Lives of Euthymios the Hagiorite (955-1028) – along with John the Iberian – and George the Hagiorite (1009-1065)...
read more

Paperback ISBN 9781898948032   14.99
Hardback ISBN 9781898948049   45.00
Published October 2009 by Bennett and Bloom



Maximus the Confessor and Georgia (Iberica Caucasica Volume Three)
Edited by Tamila Mgaloblishvili & Lela Khoperia

This volume gathers the results of decades of research, most of which appears for the first time in English translation... read more

Hardback ISBN 9781898948674   18.99
Published November 2009 by Bennett and Bloom



Tatar Phrasebook (Romanised)
N. Awde & G. Valeeva

Tatar is the Turkic language of the Republic of Tatarstan, which forms part of the Russian Federation. It is known as Kazan Tatar and is also spoken by many millions of speakers... read more

Paperback ISBN 9781898948421   £11.99
Published 2009 by Bennett and Bloom



Kurdish (Sorani) Phrasebook (Romanised)
N. Awde

Sorani (also called Kurdi) is a Kurdish language spoken mainly in Iraq and Iran, with an estimated 15 million speakers worldwide. The Kurds are spread across the countries of... read more

Paperback ISBN 9781898948438   £11.99
Published 2009 by Bennett and Bloom



Arabic Dictionary: English-Arabic / Arabic-English
N. Awde & K. Smith

The most up-to-date dictionary in the world for Modern Arabic – and the easiest to use. With full Roman transliteration for the Arabic, pronunciation for English, and grammatical information... read more

Paperback ISBN 1898948208   5.99
Hardback ISBN 1898948194   18.99
Published 2003 by Bennett and Bloom



Afghanistan: The Taliban Years
Syed Iftikhar Murshed

This controversial first-hand account of Taliban rule from 1996-2001 is based on S. Iftikhar Murshed's experiences as Pakistan's special envoy to Afghanistan... read more

Paperback ISBN 1898948941   9.99
Hardback ISBN 1898948933   45.00
Published 2006 by Bennett and Bloom



Tattooed Mountain Women and Spoon Boxes of Daghestan: Magic Medicine Symbols in Silk, Stone, Wood and Flesh
Robert Chenciner, Gabib Ismailov & Magomedkhan Magomedkhanov

"A serious inquiry into the motivation that empowers traditional artistic expression, it will be treasured as a source book for all who share in this search" Times Literary Supplement... read more

Paperback ISBN 189894881X   19.99
Published 2006 in association with Desert Hearts



Carved and Coloured Village Art from Tsarist Lands: Catalogue Pushkin House London Exhibition 18 May-10 June 2009
Robert Chenciner and John Cornall

From the Arctic Circle of northern Russia, to the west of Ukraine, to the south of mountainous Daghestan, a collection of carved and painted woodwork, complemented by textiles, contrasts 19th-20th century village folk art with studio Russian Arts and Crafts... read more

Paperback ISBN 9781898948476   9.99
Published May 2009 by Bennett and Bloom



The Tattooing Arts of Tribal Women
Lars Krutak

This lavishly illustrated account of the vanishing art of women's tribal tattooing is the record of tattoo anthropologist Lars Krutak's ten-year research... read more

Paperback  ISBN 1898948759    24.99
Hardback ISBN 1898948742   45.00
Published 2007 by Bennett and Bloom



Women in Islam: An Anthology from the Qur'an and Hadiths
Edited by Nicholas Awde

What does Islam really say about women? Much of the answer may be found in this collection of major references to women in the Qur'a'n and the Hadiths... read more

Paperback ISBN 1898948844   16.99
Hardback ISBN 1898948836   45.00
Published 2005 by Bennett and Bloom



The Azerbaijanis: People, Culture and History
Edited by Nicholas Awde & Fred James Hill

This handbook is an introduction to the Azerbaijanis or Azeri Turks and their culture and history. Today they live principally in the Republic of Azerbaijan and Iran, along with significant groups in Turkey, Europe and Russia... read more

Paperback ISBN 9781898948544   18.99
Hardback ISBN 9781898948346   45.00
Published October 2009 by Bennett and Bloom



In the Shadow of Aliyev: Travels in Azerbaijan
Jason Thomson

Drawing on his experiences in Azerbaijan, Jason Thomson paints a fascinating portrait of a country emerging from the trauma of its Soviet past... read more

ISBN 1898948739   £16.99
Hardback ISBN 1898948720   45.00
Published 2005 by Bennett and Bloom


Witness Through Troubled Times:
A History of the Georgian Orthodox Church, 1811 to the Present

Edited by Tamara Grdzelidze, Martin George & Lukas Vischer

The first in-depth study of the subject to appear in English. Written by prominent church historians from Georgia, new research illuminates the as yet untold story of the struggles and hardship... read more

Paperback ISBN 1898948690   14.99
Hardback ISBN 1898948682    45.00
Published 2006 by Bennett and Bloom



The Mediterranean Legacy in Early Celtic Christianity:
A Journey from Armenia to Ireland

Jacob G. Ghazarian

The first comprehensive work to explore the fascinating onnections that enabled the Celts of Ireland and Britain to remain in constant communion with the Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East... read more

Paperback ISBN 1898948712   16.99
Hardback ISBN 1898948704   45.00
Published 2006 by Bennett and Bloom



Georgians in the Holy Land (coming 2013)
Edited by Tamila Mgaloblishvili

Accompanied by over 60 stunning images by top Georgian photographer David Tskhadadze, this collection documents the devastation over the past two centuries of Georgian monuments in the Holy Land... read more

Paperback ISBN 9781898948827   19.99



The Wellspring of Georgian Historiography: The Early Medieval Historical Chronicle 'The Conversion of Kartli' and 'The Life of St. Nino'
Constantine B. Lerner

This is a new study and translation of The Conversion of Kartli, a remarkable account of how Christianity came to Eastern Georgia and how it was adopted by King Mirian as the state religion around 337 AD... read more

Paperback ISBN 1898948658   18.99
Hardback ISBN 189894864X    45.00
Published 2004 by Bennett and Bloom



The Pre-History of the Armenians
Volume 1

Gabriel Soultanian

A provocative new study of the pre-history of the Hays, the Indo-European ancestors of the Armenians, tracing their migration from the Balkans int Anatolia and Urartu - which became Hayastan (Armenia)... read more

Paperback ISBN 1898948240    18.99
Hardback ISBN 1898948259   45.00
Published 2003 by Bennett and Bloom



The Pre-History of the Armenians
Volume 2: The Proto-Armenian Hieroglyphic Inscriptions of Aram

Gabriel Soultanian

This challenging new analysis of the hieroglyphic inscriptions of ancient Anatolia establishes direct links to the modern Armenian language, people and their traditions...read more

Paperback ISBN 1898948275   18.99
Hardback ISBN 1898948267   45.00
Published 2004 by Bennett and Bloom



Pre-History of the Armenians
Volume 3: The Anatolian Hieroglyphic Inscriptions of the Proto-Armenians

Gabriel Soultanian

Volume 3 in the Pre-History of the Armenians series contains further ancient hieroglyphic inscriptions from southeastern Turkey. These are translated and annotated in full, and are accompanied by a comprehensive glossary... read more

Paperback ISBN 9781898948285   18.99
Hardback ISBN 9781898948292   45.00
Published August 2009 by Bennett and Bloom



The History of Bishop Sebeos:
Redefining a Seventh-Century Voice from Armenia

Gabriel Soultanian

This redefining of a key narrative of the history of Armenia, written during the seventh century, is a detective story that is as remarkable as it is controversial...read more

Paperback ISBN 1898948925
Harback ISBN 1898948917
Published April 2007 by Bennett and Bloom



Basic Arabic Workbook: For Revision and Practice
John Mace

This is a step by step series of exercises and tasks for all learners of Modern Standard Arabic. It puts the living standard language into practice using up-to-date vocabulary and everyday situations... read more

ISBN 189894878X   14.99
Hardback ISBN 1898948771   45.00
Published 2005 by Bennett and Bloom



Intermediate Arabic Workbook: For Revision and Practice
John Mace

This is the sequel to Basic Arabic Workbook which explores further word and sentence structures to make your Arabic more varied and expressive... read more

Paperback ISBN 1898948889   14.99
Hardback ISBN 1898948872   £45.00
Published 2006 by Bennett and Bloom



Arabic Verbs: For Revision and Practice
John Mace

This blend of workbook and reference work aims to help you form and use the verb in Modern Standard Arabic correctly at a glance... read more

Paperback ISBN 1898948968   14.99
Hardback SBN 1898948957   45.00
Published 2007 by Bennett and Bloom


Racism in Russia (forthcoming 2014)
Edited by Nicholas Awde & Fred James Hill

Describes racism in modern Russia – a subject whose complexity reflects the mosaic of peoples that make up the modern federation... read more

Paperback ISBN 9781898948568   14.99
Hardback ISBN 9781898948360   45.00


The Armenians: People, Culture and History (forthcoming 2014)
Edited by Nicholas Awde

This sourcebook on the history, people, traditions, arts, language, literature, and media of the Armenians looks at the past, present and future of both the Armenian Diaspora and the Republic of Armenia...read more

Paperback ISBN 9781898948537   16.99
Hardback ISBN 9781898948339   45.00


The Georgians: People, Culture and History (forthcoming 2014)
Edited by Nicholas Awde & Fred James Hill

This sourcebook deals with the history, people, diaspora, traditions, arts, language, literature, and media of the Georgians... read more

Paperback ISBN 9781898948520   16.99
Hardback ISBN 9781898948322   45.00


Georgia: A Short History (forthcoming 2014)
Edited by Nicholas Awde

This is the first study to chronicle the history of Georgia from the first stirrings of civilization during the tenth century BC to the post-Rose Revolution society of the present day... read more

Paperback ISBN 9781898948612   16.99
Hardback ISBN 9781898948605   45.00


The Iraqis (forthcoming 2014)
Edited by Nicholas Awde & Laurence Chabert

This essential introduction to the Iraqis and their traditions presents a unique schematic overview of the past, present and future of the mosaic of the different peoples and religions... read more

Paperback ISBN 9781898948551   16.99
Hardback ISBN 9781898948353   45.00


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